Up until three years ago I was strictly an au-natural gal. I’m obviously talking about plants in the home of course. 😉 I tried to buy fake florals but the thought seemed reminiscent of “grandma’s house” or thrift stores. Let me tell you, fake (or faux because it sounds fancier) florals have come a LONG way.

It isn’t just about flowers anymore. Nowadays, stem options are endless! If flowers just aren’t your thing, why not try some lemon stems in the kitchen? I love faux succulents and air plants in a pretty bowl or vase. Would you have guessed by just looking at these arrangements that these are all fake?

Tip: Crumble up some paper or plastic bags to help support your stems.

I’ve noticed I tend to prefer the more bright greens like ivy and ferns. The green plastic looks more vibrant and the asymmetrical look makes it all the more realistic looking.

I love the look of ferns or more asymmetrical arrangements like this little one on our living room coffee table.
You can even find florals with faux mud or moss.

Of course, if you just can’t wrap your head around the plastic ones, nowadays you can also get real dried florals that you can use year round. I love the smell of dried preserved eucalyptus and the look of dried palm leaves anywhere you need to add a little height and texture. Moss is another great way to add that natural element to your home.

Around the fall, I love buying dried leaf arrangements at my local grocery store. Dried pampas or bunny tails also gained a lot of popularity in 2020 and make for pretty, neutral arrangements you can display year-round.

I could go on and on about all the different options available – from wreaths to trees, but the point is that in every space a little greenery makes a big impact.