I love finding ways to style my home that are easy and affordable, and that make for a fun afternoon DIY. I created a set of black and white labels that can be adhered to any new or used bottles to style your kitchen, bathroom or laundry space.

Today I’m exited to share these printable with you! You’ll want to print these on vinyl sticker paper that is water resistant. I bought mine on Amazon and it arrived the next day. I got 25 sheets for less than $12! It is recommended that you use a laser printer for these sheets but I used my trust HP inkjet and had no issues.

I definitely recommend adhering the label a bit at a time, starting at the bottom corner and slowly peeling away the backing. The bottles I used had a silicone bottom which made it easy to match the placement of the labels across bottles but you could also use blue tape! Just trim a couple of pieces of the tape, and place them on a flat surface. Then place your bottle on the marked tape to ensure consistent label placement.

Click here for some similar bottles!

I love the end result and of course the affordability of this project! Click the link below to download the free printable file.

DIY Bottle Labels (293 downloads)