Today I’m excited to share with you how I gave our hallway an update using Ikea frames with custom matting for a high-end look at a very affordable price!

I had this gold-frame gallery wall on our downstairs hallway for three years and I wanted to add some contrast white capitalizing on the tall ceilings of our home.

The before

I had pinned this photo by Studio McGee years ago and knew this was the look I wanted for this area.

Design by Studio McGee. Photo by Travis J. Photo for Architectural Digest

I headed off to IKEA because I knew they had large inexpensive frames. I do wish IKEA would have continued to use glass on their frames, like they used to. But alas, decided the acrylic wasn’t a deal-breaker. These frames come in different sizes, and I opted for the largest which is 24 x 35 3/4″.

Once I got home I played around with the spacing between them, meaning I had Kong hold them up for me while I did the classic “tiny bit to the left, tiny bit to the right” wife thing. In the end, I decided 11 1/4″ in between was just right for the length of the wall.

Progress pic: already looking good! Note the paper to determine if I liked the 8×10 photo size on these.

Next up came ordering the custom mats! I priced these out on several websites but found the best price here. Click the “picture mats” link at the top then “custom mats” to get started designing your mat. Below are screenshots with the specs I used for an 8″x10″ picture insert with the afore-mentioned frame size.

My order total, with shipping, for five mats was under $100! Combined with the cost of the frames my total for the project was just around $200. Not bad for this high-end look!