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If I had to pick a theme for our home this fall, that theme would be “cozy”.  I probably decorated more than I ever have before, and I’m sure most of it has to do with how much more time we are spending at home these days. It’s become so important to me that our home is a comfortable, relaxing place where my family can feel safe and at ease.

Fall Treats

I really wanted to add some dark accents to our decor for fall, in a way that it could transition easily into the cooler months. I fell in love with this black vase and filled it with some dried florals I picked up at our local grocery story.

Kitchen Sources

What’s fall without pumpkin spice? Is it even fall? But seriously, I’ve already been stocking up my pantry in anticipation of how much we will be indulging. Pumpkin bread and apple pie are some of our favorites, and I love how they fill the house with sweet aromas!

Coffee Bar Sources

I’ve been wanting to update some of our dishware from the traditional white. But I couldn’t justify purchasing a whole new set, so I opted for buying just a few glazed bowls that paired well with our white set, but added warmth and slight contrast.

In our formal dining room, I wanted  a simple tablescape that was filled with texture. I pulled out our cane tray and added a bold vase with a mixture of dried florals that add just the right amount of fall color to the space.

This purple eucalyptus has been a favorite! A must for any fall tablescape is candles, but I found this interesting dried okra filler that I couldn’t stop thinking about! I think it’s definitely a conversation piece!

Dining Room Sources

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Getting Cozy

Our open floor plan means a short distance from the kitchen to the living room! You will find us lounging on this oh-so-comfy (though terribly old) sofa most days. I swapped out the throw pillows for these color-blocked leather ones and and picked up on the black accents in the room with the plaid pillows on the white chairs. Amazing what swapping just a few pillows can do to a space! Of course, throw blankets are a must! I am loving this rust-colored throw with the tassel detail.

It is a miracle that Texas is gracing us with some cool weather, in September no less! Don’t think I’ve ever turned on the fireplace this early before!

Living Room Sources

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Textures and Colors

You can add interest to any room by adding interesting textures. I chose pinecones, dried florals, and soft, knitted throw blankets to add visual interest. I also really like adding woven boxes, cane and wood accents throughout.

Accents Pieces

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Nooks & Crannies

We have a lot of these built-in nooks throughout our home and it’s taken me a while to embrace them. I make sure to swap out the decor for every season so I am always playing around, restyling these often, figuring out what I like best.


I really hope you enjoyed this part of our home! See you soon for part 2 of my Fall Home Decor Tour.